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With the Penguins, he scored nine goals in 44 games

cheap nfl jerseys cheap nhl vintage jerseys The simplest way to explain the decline is age he turning 33 this summer.This past season was his first riddled with injuries since being cured of a debilitating asthma related lung condition while with the Rangers in 2011. In New York, he blossomed into an elite defender.Between a series of healthy scratches and a late season lower body injury, he played only 47 times for the Lightning in the 2018 19 regular season. Consider him on the downslope.Over the balance of his career he been an incredible player and, while he still an above average defenceman stopping large numbers of opposition rushes at his team blue line, his offensive influence is clearly on the wane.Could he help an NHL squad next year? Almost certainly.But when it comes to the Canucks, you have to wonder and maybe worry about the age factor if they pursuing him in free agency.As a right sided defender Cheap Jerseys china, one with a sparkling experience section on the old resum he may be tempting the Canucks, after all, have a need there.But with their sights focused on re signing Alex Edler and holding out hope that Chris Tanev can find a magic elixir to keep him in the lineup more often in 2019 20, would Vancouver really roll the dice on a third older defenceman?. cheap nhl vintage jerseys cheap nfl jerseys

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